The TreeHouse: A Play Space to Grow Body, Mind & Spirit

Our world is on the brink of major transformation and the need for community, connection, and radical healing has never felt stronger. That’s why I dreamt up the TreeHouse.

The TreeHouse is a place where magic, curiosity, and unbridled creativity help forge connections and open us to grace. A safe but stimulating playground for the inner child in all of us, the TreeHouse is a play space where deep work and substantial growth are achieved with lightness, fun, and ease. 

A gathering space. An ongoing salon. A container for growth. An incubator for ideas. A home for art, music, and creativity.  An evolving experiment in creative collaboration. A magical portal for learning, fun, and wonderment. The TreeHouse is a concept as much as it is a location. Want to come grow with us?

Interested in booking the TreeHouse for your private small event, class, or workshop? Please email me here.

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