Becoming the Anti-Face, Hiding from the Machines

Becoming the Anti-Face, Hiding from the Machines

An anti-facial recognition, anti-surveillance learn and make workshop

Sunday, March 08, 2020 from 1-4 pm

Cost: $20 for materials + entry to the EFF-Austin Annual SXSW party for fashion show

“There’s no such thing as an absolute face. You either have more face-like or less face-like.”  ~ Adam Harvey

Computer Vision (CV) Dazzle is a whole category of makeup application (and applying fabric, jewels, weird hairstyles, etc.) that confuses facial recognition software by using sharp contrasting shapes. The idea comes from World War One battleship camouflage, which was designed to confuse enemies about exactly how far away their target was, and how big it was. Dazzle style looks nothing like the background environment yet still obscures the appearance of the wearer.

Together, we will explore these techniques and have a great time doing it. EFF-Austin board member and TreeHouse Play Space founder Maggie Duval will start the day out with a presentation about anti-facial recognition then we will dive into creative make up, and making jewelry and other accoutrements, to hide ourselves from the machines, from SkyNet.

Your class fee will provide some materials (although you are encouraged to bring stuff you like, including your own make up). You will also receive a robust Google doc, full of references and interesting reading. Additionally, you will gain entry to the 20th annual EFF-Austin party during SXSW Interactive on Saturday, March 14th, at board member Chris Boyd’s home in Travis Heights. You will be asked to participate in a fashion show during the party, and are encouraged to “cyberpunk it up” to augment your CV Dazzle.

Spaces are limited to 20. Secure your spot by visiting this link and paying your fee. And get on the TreeHouse Play Space list to stay in the loop on a future, similar project exploring anti-recognition, thermal shield clothing (think Harry Potter’s “cloak of invisibility”).

Questions? Email Maggie:

Workshop support provided by EFF-Austin, Polycot Associates, and The TreeHouse Play Space

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